Great Alaska Century


Race Overview

The Great Alaska Century is one of the classic century rides available in the United States. With Road Race and Time Trial options available to the rider, the Great Alaska Century can provide a highly challenging experience whether it be a place on the podium, or a personal best that you are seeking. Test yourself to finish a 100 miles. This course has been used for the Alaska State Championship Century in the past. Goldwing motorcycles offer support for riders along the course. No relay teams. However, tandem bikes with two people may enter.

Riders will consume unparalleled scenery. The trip up and over Eureka Pass is the prelude to the rolling hills through the midpoint of the century, often a great place to spot wild-life from your saddle. The trip back over Eureka Pass will have you wanting to stop at the lodge, but the finish line is just around the corner!

Course Info

The 100-mile course starts at Sheep Mountain Lodge (Glenn Highway Milepost 113.5) and heads east toward Glennallen. There are three aid stations on the course; all located on the right side of the highway as riders approach them. The course passes the first aid station at Milepost 141.3 (27.8 miles from the start) and proceeds to the second aid station at Milepost 162.3 (48.5 miles from the start). The turnaround occurs at this aid station. Riders then head back toward Sheep Mountain, passing a third aid station at Milepost 135.9 (74 miles from the start). The course finishes at Sheep Mountain Lodge. For more information about the aid stations, see the description of aid stations set out below.

A measured 97 miles.

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