Great Alaska 2-DAY-300K


The Great Alaska 2Day300K race option is a unique bike tour offered for those amongst us who want to absorb Alaska through every pore of our body! Not content to have inspired the 200-mile Fireweed event, Pat Irwin upped the experience, by conjuring up the overnight 2Day300K option. If seeing the unsurpassed scenery of the Wrangell Mountains, Thompson Pass, and the Keystone Canyon along the Great Alaska Double Century appeals to you, think how much more incredible it might be if you had more time, and energy to soak it all in…The Great Alaska 2Day300K race option follows the same course as the Great Alaska Double Century. However, you take two days at a slower pace and stay overnight 120 miles into the 192-mile trip from Sheep Mountain Lodge to Valdez. In 2018, the ferry MV Aurora to Whittier is available on Sunday, departing Valdez at 11:30 AM and arriving in Whittier at 5:15 PM.

Course Info

The 300 Km (ca. 192 miles) course starts Friday at Sheep Mountain Lodge (Glenn Highway Milepost 113.5), heads east to Glennallen (Milepost 187), then turns south (right) onto the Richardson Highway and continues to Tonsina Lodge (about 120 miles total on Friday). A group start, which is filmed for the race slide show, is scheduled for 9 AM but riders may start at their convenience before 11:30 am. This is an untimed event without awards or classes. Participants may ride all or part of the course (e.g., alternating riders). This is a self-supported tour and riders must either carry their own snacks, breakfast food, and camping gear or make alternative arrangements. A buffet dinner at Tonsina River Lodge will be provided for riders with race entry. A breakfast buffet may be purchased at the lodge on Saturday morning. Individuals tent camping at Tonsina River Lodge will have to pay $5 each to cover sanitation costs. Contact Tonsina River Lodge at (907) 822-3000 for availability and fees for trailers, mobile homes, or premium rooms. Showers are available for $7 each. If non-riders or support crew eat at the lodge, they all must pay for their own food. Saturday you bike about 74 miles from Tonsina Lodge to Valdez. The course passes Aid Station 6 and Aid Station 7, which may not be open when you pass so make sure to have enough food and water to make it all the way to Valdez.
Aid Stations along the route (mentioned for vehicle turnouts and outhouses but not open on Friday) include:

1. Glenn Highway Milepost 135.9 (approx. 22.5 miles from start); located on the left side when riding toward Valdez. This aid station marks the turnaround for the 50-mile event and is fully staffed. It is for returning riders in the 50-mile, 100-mile and 400-mile events. This aid station should not be used by riders heading from Sheep Mountain Lodge toward Glennallen/Valdez, including outbound Great Alaska Century riders.

2. Glenn Hwy. Milepost 141.3 (27.8 miles from start). Right side of the road. This aid station is the first aid station available to riders in the 100 and 200-mile events.

3. Glenn Hwy. Milepost 162.3 (48.5 from the start) Right side of the road. This aid station is the turnaround for the 100-mile event. This aid station is for the 100 and 200-mile events.

4. Glenn Hwy. Milepost 187 (73.5 miles from the start) Right side of the road at the Caribou Hotel in Glennallen, (907) 822-3711. This aid station is for the 200-mile events.

5. Richardson Highway Milepost V92.7 (96.9 miles from the start); right side of the road at Grizzly Pizza & Gifts, (907) 822-3828. This aid station is for the 200-mile events.

6. Richardson Hwy. Milepost V72 (117.4 miles from the start). Pull out on the right side of the road. (not open early enough for 2DAY300K riders)

7. Richardson Hwy. Milepost V29 (163.8 miles from the start). Right side of the road. This aid station is for the 200-mile events and 2DAY300K riders (if it is open when 300K riders arrive).

192 miles in 2 days

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