Fireweed 400


The ultimate challenge. Start Friday at noon and finish Saturday afternoon as other riders stream toward you along the opposite side of the highway. Qualify for Race Across America, RAAM, and John Morino Championship Points.

The Fireweed 400 was conceived of and started by Peter Lekisch. The genesis of the Fireweed can be found in Peter’s Race Across America (RAAM) rides in 2000 and 2001 when Peter would become the first 60 year old rider to successfully complete RAAM. The Fireweed 400 is a ride across Alaska the offers the cyclist a sensory experience unlike any other. The 400 route crosses two mountain passes, parallels numerous mountain ranges and rivers, and often offers wildlife viewing along the way. The scenic cycling experience has attracted international participants as well as riders from across the United States.

Course Info

The 400-mile course starts at Sheep Mountain Lodge, follows the same route as the 200-mile course through Glennallen and into Valdez. The course then turns around at Captain Joe’s Gas Station, 139 Pioneer Drive, in 6 Valdez and returns by the same route to Sheep Mountain Lodge. No drafting is allowed for soloists. Relay riders may draft with riders from their own team but not with riders from other teams. Fireweed 400 riders may use any aid stations open during Saturday’s racing events if those stations are open when the riders pass them. Because the Fireweed 400’s time schedule differs so greatly from the times scheduled in other events, Fireweed 400 riders should not count on these aid stations being open, and must plan to be self-supported. For more information about the aid stations, see the description of aid stations set out below. Any person who finishes this course will be Race Across AMerica, RAAM, qualified.

A measured 386 miles.