The Race Across Alaska
Alaska's most demanding yet beautiful bicycle races with mountains, wilderness, wild animals, glaciers, and roaring rivers.

It is with great sadness that we announce the end of the Fireweed 400 The Race Across Alaska.

The race planning committee has studied the information which was made available and have come to the conclusion that the obstacles and difficulties in organizing a 2019 event are too significant to overcome. Therefore, any additional additional runnings of the race are not feasible. This means that the 2018 event will be known as the final iteration of the Fireweed 400.

We are disappointed in this decision and have not come to it lightly. We would like to thank all of our riders, volunteers, and partner organizations for your support over the last 16 years.

Our sincerest apologies are extended to everyone who has been awaiting the opening of registration for the 2019 race. Especially to those who have already made plans. There have been many factors taken into consideration, none of which were small in magnitude, each of which caused delays, and together made the 2019 race especially difficult to execute.

It is our hope to see a local bicycle club take on the challenges of running a similar RAAM qualifying event in the future; however, there will be no race for 2019.

“So long my friend, our friend, it was one hell of a ride.” – Chancy Croft


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